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Q: Why Should I Ballroom Dance?

A: The physical benefits of dance include circulatory system and muscle development along with greater flexibility and balance. Ballroom dancing will allow you to develop a more open, responsive, and supportive relationship with your partner. Dancing can also relieve stress and increase concentration, discipline, and self-confidence. As a ballroom dancer you will make many new friends and be the hit of every party. Last but not least, ballroom dancing is FUN!


Q: Is ballroom dancing strenuous enough to count as exercise?

A: Without question. According to heart-monitor studies, the effort expended by elite ballroom dancers dancing the quickstep is approximately equal to that of Olympic runners in a 800-meter dash. In recognition of ballroom's physical rigor and telegenic dazzle, dancesport (the name give to competitive ballroom) may soon be elevated to the status of a full-fledged Olympic sport.


Q: If I barely know my left foot from my right, how long will it take me to learn ballroom dancing?

A: If you're a beginner, expect to spend six months to a year acquiring the grace and smoothness that are the hallmarks of a competent dancer.


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